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How Period Panties Will Change Your Life

They're Reusable

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Made With Ultra-soft & Breathable Material

Holds Up To 40ml Of Blood

On Heavy Flow Change In 4-6 hour.



In Our products you feel just as beautiful and cozy as in your favorite underwear.



With Our products you avoid tons of waste.



With Our products you don't have to worry about leakage.


Eco Friendly

With Our products you don't have to worry about harm earth.

For every Sustain purchase, 1% of the purchase goes towards the animal and plantation fund, which helps to support the planet. Products like period underwear are designed to minimize waste, reducing the amount of used tampons and pads that end up in landfills.

Frequently Asked Questions

They look like regular underwear, but they're designed to keep moisture away from your skin as they soak up menstrual blood. The fabric in period underwear contains a moisture-wicking fabric made up of thousands of small filaments. These fibers trap blood or other liquid to keep it from leaking onto your clothes.

This will depend on your flow, but period underwear can be worn all day if it's the right level of absorbency for your needs. DEXTE suggest you changing when you feel wetness — this is a sign it has absorbed all it's able to. Also, as your period progresses, the absorbency you require will change but on heavy flow we DEXTE suggest you to change with in 8 hours.

Wash – wash your period underwear in the hand or toss your period underwear into the washing machine at 30 degrees Celsius (or less) with a mild detergent on a delicate setting. Dry – then simply hang them to dry and you're done!

Beyond the comfort factor and leak-proofing, period panties are also gaining popularity as both an ecologically sustainable and economically smart choice. Try them if you’re looking for a solution less irritating than tampons, more comfortable than sanitary pads, and less messy than using a menstrual cup. And with period panties, you’re always ready: No more frantic late-night tampon runs to the corner store.

Step 1: Rinse

After you remove your period panties, drop them in cold water to rinse them.

Step 2: Wash

If machine washing, first place them in a washable mesh bag and wash on the delicate or gentle cycle. To make your underwear last, consider hand-washing with a mild detergent.

Step 3: Dry

Do not put in dryer. Instead, lay underwear flat or hang dry to help maintain the fabric's integrity.

Step 4: Treat

Worried about stains or lingering smells? Period undies are designed to be stain-resistant and shouldn’t retain a scent if cared for properly, but you can soak them in vinegar/water mixture prior to laundering, too.

Generally, no, although DEXTE has developed Speax, a line specifically for bladder protection.